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Dec 9, 2012 3:30am PST
decreasing square footage for higher income earners decreasing and decreasing opportunities for low income residents, seniors and those disabled within the boundaries of this planned district, it's important to be able to preserve and keep these as well as develop new opportunities with local nonprofit agencies which are developing such as affordable housing opportunities for a variety -- for diversity of our population which really needs the assistance, not only do we have to keep our middle class and our families in san francisco, we need to keep our entire age and income and ethnic population spectrum intact in san francisco. but i am very concerned, as i said before, with the public aesthetic. things do have to move forward. so i'm open to any questions you may have. >> thank you, mr. steen actually, just really quickly, actually the seat has been vacant for over a year, i'm curious how you learned about this vacancy. >> i was actually before the rules committee two weeks ago with an application for the (inaudible) monitoring committee and i became aware of the committee vacancy just
Dec 9, 2012 10:30pm PST
weeks ago is that this is the low income seat for the market-octavia citizens advisory committee. while we have many qualified applicants we want to be sure there is one member who can represent the point of view of low income residents. >> from the perspective of being a low income representative. there's a declining number of low income residents within the boundaries of the market-octavia plan. as housing costs go up, a number of residents that are in there that are living in the sro's within the boundaries are living in supportive housing units that are operated by the city, its hsa or directed supportive housing. there are many more of course in the tenderloin. what i would like to do is possibly have the city take a look at mass leasing an entire number of sro's that are currently within the boundaries and working those within supportive housing boundaries where we can remove or have homeless people removed from the street and entered into some type of supportive service environment, perhaps where people can actually re-enter the work force, but what other issues, i would have
Dec 10, 2012 12:00am PST
and increasing bicycling opportunities and i'm also very interested in generally not only the development of low income and very low income housing opportunities as opposed to strictly affordable housing, which is a very wide net on the income scale for people, i'm interested in either preserving what we have or developing new housing projects. this is now of course within the scope of the committee. however, a number of project applications will come before the committee which involve components of affordable housing, as well -- as a matter of fact there's a develop. occurring at 55 laguna for senior lgbt housing which is being put forward by mercy housing, a fairly well known supportive housing corporation within the city. and in general i really would like having been a life long resident of san francisco and the city of san francisco overall, especially downtown, except for some of the new skyscrapers, has retained a lot of its old character. the mission district has not been developed that much, it's retained a lot of its character. however, i see a lot of the development going on righ
Dec 9, 2012 5:00am PST
space, development of greater community gardening opportunities for low to moderate to affordable income residents, the keeping of upper market street at least as a sunshine corridor so that the building, the new growth and developments occurring along the market street corridor don't overshadow the upper market street. i have been quite concerned with two years ago there was a lot of holes in the ground, to put it plainry, walking up and down market street and throughout the market-octavia corridor and boundaries, most of those holes have been virtually plugged up. there is not much vacant land level for development. this has occurred in the last 24 months, it's very easy to see, the disappearing vacant land. in any event i would like to also, i am also very interested in pedestrian safety, developing pedestrian amenities along market street, increasing -- decreasing vehicular traffic and increasing bicycling opportunities and i'm also very interested in generally not only the development of low income and very low income housing opportunities as opposed to strictly affordable housi
Dec 6, 2012 11:30pm PST
-octavia plan but to really flesh out some of how you would represent the low income community in this seat. >> sure. thank you, madam chair and supervisors. thank you for your time today. i did believe that i am the right person for this seat and i welcome this opportunity to discuss my candidacy further. i work in the economic development department in the lgbt center in market and octavia. i also commute to work on muni every day and i am invested in this area's development. i have the background and leadership experience in community development and i am committed to bringing the needs of low income residents to the forefront in this seat. along with an understanding of gentrification and displacement about how that will adversely affect long time residents of this area, in particular the low income and lgbt community when you talk about breaking support networks and eroding political power, i also understand a lot of the core land use issues as well. in particular housing and again while i understand that this cac doesn't formally get involved until permits are filed, one of my rea
Dec 6, 2012 4:30pm PST
current work as well, he has not stopped his commitment i believe to working with and on behalf of low income people and i feel that he better represents the interests of what this seat is about and he's talking about a lot of things that i think are a big concern of mine as we're seeing san francisco move in a direction that is working more for the wealthy when he clearly hits the notes i want to hear when he talks about making sure we have the perspective of folks that are not getting the advantage that many others are getting in the city. that's something we have to look for as a city and i want to appoint people to bodies that look at our land use from that perspective, so i would like to support mr. steen in this position and would like to motion that. >> okay, so there is a motion to move forward on mr. steen to the board for this seat on the market-octavia citizen's advicery committee. i just want to say a couple of things. i was one of the members had brought up concerns about insuring that we had a low income perspective in the market-octavia citizens advisory committee. i
Dec 6, 2012 6:00am PST
at the coast, low to mid 60s for the rest of us. >>> good right now, san mateo bridge light towards peninsula from the east bay 92 westbound looking really good a little slow traffic towards the highrise coming off the san mateo bridge, very light towards hayward side of things. san jose northbound 280 past 17 junction at the limit, headlights snaking towards cupertino northbound 280 no problems. a look at your waze app this is 580 out of the central valley westbound, earlier accident at airway in livermore, moderate considering that accident now in the median westbound. you will find a bit of slowing from grant line and tracy up and over the altamont to the scene of the accident then things pick up to the dublin pleasanton interchange. >>> developing traffic-related news from san francisco on-ramp to bay bridge closed after a car crashed into a nearby fire hydrant. amy hollyfield is live with the latest. >> reporter: see the broken scaffolding behind me? that is what police are worried about that's why they've closed this on-ramp, because of the chance this scaffolding could fall and land on
Dec 11, 2012 6:00am PST
° cooler than yesterday, low to mid 50s coast, mid 50s to low 60s for rest of us. >>> richmond in through albany and berkeley into the macarthur maze here's a live look, bunched up westbound 80 at the 580 merge otherwise things pick up past university into the macarthur maze. san mateo bridge getting busy westbound tail lights towards the highrise towards san mateo eastbound direction traffic flowing nicely just a little slow traffic from hayward towards foster city. slow out of antioch, typical, hillcrest to 242 in concord for this time of the morning. slow traffic out there al 0 grant line earlier spin-out cleared. roadwork still to be picked up in a few minutes eastbound dumbarton should be cleared momentarily. >>> new this morning, in a few hours the coast guard will be back out at mare island to search for the man who disappeared from a tugboat over the weekend. that's where we find amy hollyfield with more on the equipment crews plan on using itch >> reporter: the u.s. caught is going to be -- using a sonar video camera this morning to search the strait where they think they will fi
Dec 11, 2012 5:00am PST
of that crystal clear but chilly, 30s and 40s by the afternoon, barely in the low to mid 50s at the coast, mid 50s to low 60s for the bay and inland most sunshine this morning increasing clouds during the afternoon. >>> good morning. crystal clear in san jose north on 87 past hp pavilion a few headlights this is the julian off-ramp smooth sailing through san jose. a car has driven off the roadway southbound highway 35 skyline boulevard at the san francisco/san mateo county line between there and daly boulevard, fire on seen, crews up there, expect delays past the scene while they get that car off -- out and back on the road. southbound 101 roadwork poplar 92 until 6:00. >>> this morning, more agencies will join the search for a 77-year-old man believed to have fallen into the mare island strait. today equipment will be brought in to intensify the search. amy hollyfield is live on mare island. >> reporter: the coast guard is hoping to get answers for the family. officials fear the worst. 77-year-old philip mattingly disappeared saturday night he had been working on a world war ii vessel, which was
Dec 18, 2012 6:00am PST
, but over the ocean. cool conditions mid to upper 30s north bay valleys, low to mid 40s east bay valleys, mid to upper 40s elsewhere, throw in the winds and once you get up to a wind six, seven, eight miles per hour drops temperature or what it feels like so there's a bit of a wind chill this morning. stray shower near the coast as we head through the afternoon, low 50s, partly cloudy around the bay, low to mid 50s, apparently cloudy inland low to mid 50s more sunshine, cooler than yesterday. big time freeze tonight. those areas coming up and the storms. first traffic. >>> shot here tweeted by the palo alto police department car hit a fire hydrant near sanford shopping center on sand hill road you can see all the water both decks of sand hill road closed -- both directions of sand hill road closed. no estimated time of opening, a lot of water not certain if that they have that capped yet. the roadway is still flooded. if you go to sanford, no excuses there. san mateo bridge light traffic few brake lights on flat section up the highrise towards foster city, nice drive knew macarthur maze
Dec 6, 2012 4:30am PST
, well into the afternoon hours for clouds to break, partly cloudy coast upper 50s to low 60s. bay low to mid 60s inland dry and mild low 60s. >>> good morning. light, no fog on the golden gate bridge, no fog up and over the waldo clear sailing and two lanes both directions on the golden gate no roadwork either. we have roadwork eastbound 4 at loveridge until 5:30, westbound looking good out of antioch, no delays. roadwork on the peninsula, 101 before 92, both directions until 6 a.m., slowing northbound 101. roadwork eastbound 80 carquinez bridge until 8:00 hope to get that cleared up earlier we'll follow that. >>> 4:34. san francisco police and arson investigators trying to figure out cause of deadly house fire it started 8:40 last night on st. charles avenue in the ingleside area. an off-duty firefighter smelled smoke and alerted the department, 40 firefighters arrived to fight the blaze and discovered the body on the second floor of the building. they had the fire contained a half hour later. the flames burned through the garage up to the second floor. >>> major development, oakland
Dec 11, 2012 4:30am PST
the daylight hours. increasing clouds and cooler breeze, cooler than yesterday, low to mid 50s at the coast, mid 50s to low 60s around the bay and mid 50s to low 60s inland. rain is on the way tonight and tomorrow. >>> quiet now, overnight roadwork in lanes. roadwork north part of the span of the golden gate bridge other than that traffic flowing nicely, two lanes both directions. fog-free over the waldo. eastbound 4 railroad to somersville left lane blocked with roadwork until 5:30. eastbound 580 to north flynn three left lanes blocked with roadwork until 11:00. westbound moving nicely. >>> today uc berkeley will announce a dream come true for hundreds of undocuments students, hundreds will get help paying tuition. terry mcsweeney was live at cal with a preview. >> reporter: uc berkeley pushing the envelope again setting up not just a scholarship fund but the largest scholarship fund for undocumented students in the united states. look at pictures of students about 200 estimated are going to be helped by what is called the dreamer's fund which will begin with a million dollar gift from a f
Dec 6, 2012 12:00pm EST
will increase tonight and into tomorrow. what that's going to mean for us is that heading into friday that low moves across the region and brings the rain but also milder temperatures that low pressure system is going to bring in warmer air from the south. how does it play out into our weekend ahead? that answer in your complete first warning weather forecast. >>> howard county executive and self-proclaimed die hard raven fan ken olmon is issuing a george to prince george's executive ahead of the game with the redskins. >> i got a challenge for you. if somehow you somehow sneak a victory, which i can't imagine happening, even though you got lucky this past week against the giants, i will proudly wear an rg 3 jersey for an entire day. >> if the ravens walk away with the win baker will have to wear that nada jersey to his office on some future purple friday. they will attend sunday's redskins ravens game at fed-ex field together. >>> don't forget you can see the battle of the beltways between the ravens and redskins live this sunday afternoon at 1:00 right here on wjz 13. be sure to stay tuned f
Dec 7, 2012 6:00am PST
50s. you can see mild this afternoon, close to average upper 50s to low 60s, heavier coat by 7:00, temperatures in the upper 40s to mid 50s for your evening nest fifths. -- evening festivities. upper 50s at the coast, fog stubborn inland visibilities down quarter mile or less in some areas that is going to hold temperatures back, afternoon sun upper 50s to low 60s. >>> so far friday light smooth sailing northbound 87 san jose traffic at the limit no problems past hp pavilion northbound. bunching up a little where 580 merges with 80, slow traffic in the westbound direction, a lot of headlights towards the macarthur maze and berkeley curve into the bay bridge toll, expecting m l any time it is moving, not -- expecting metering lights a time but it is moving. a look at our traffic app n is the waze app, mike has been talking about fog, our traffic spotters are seeing that along 80 corridor through vallejo, rodeo, hercules, san pablo. expect limited visibility in these areas. download this free app for yourself on your iphone, smartphone. >>> developing news from japan this morning
Dec 27, 2012 6:00am PST
jdtqi7r' the lod neighborhoods, cloudy and dry, low to mid 40s, 50 at noon, you can see it will be mainly sunny and sáéix&z, low to mid 50s by 4:00c>d, the coast is where we will have cloudy conditions again like everybody else and mid to upper 40s this morning. near 50 at noon, clouds opening up to mostly sunny conditions this afternoon and temperatures ranging from 46 to 50 all of us drop back into the low to mid 40s once the sunsets through 7:00. ran on the way tomorrow and saturday coming up in the nextgp forecast. n,h$qbg overturned vehicle southbound 680 at coopman sunol grade off-ramp the highway injuries involved ambulance en route update in a couple of minutes.nó;g elsewhere busy not bad a little more crowded westbound 80 east shore commute between golden gate fields and macarthur maze once you funnel into the bay bridge toll no problems southbound golden gate bridge busier no delays at the limit across the span touu8u san jose north 87 pt the hp pavilion nice looking ride. >>> this morning, a peninsula thousands of pieces mail is due to appear in a courtroo
Dec 11, 2012 5:00am PST
but temperatures are coming down, low clouds and increasing clouds and very 50s, very low 60s. >>> good morning, no major problems and the weather continues to look good in sunny veil. 5:00 let's go back to the desk. >>> we have been following breaking news out of the area, tara moriarty just arrived at the scene and it's an apartment fire at the bart station. >> that's right, we are only a block away from the bart station. >> reporter: these are some apartment complexes and you can see firefighters right now are making sure there are no more hot spots in the addict -- attic but you can see there was nothing left and joining me right now is the battalion chief to tell me more, this was a raging fire when you guys came, right? >> yes, it was a single story apartment complex fire as well as the other unit. >> reporter: there was a mother and son, they were able to get out? >> yes, they were able to get out prior to us arriving. >> reporter: do you have any idea what caused this fire? >> it could have been malicious but we have nothing to prove that and we have an investigation team to discover th
Dec 30, 2012 6:00pm EST
defense contractors in maryland. it is going to adversely impact our low income households as well as some of our higher and households. >> the first thing you will notice is in your paycheck. the federal income taxes will go up. if lawmakers to come to an agreement, they are likely to leave it that way. sarah sampson, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the ravens game was kind of like the iowa caucus of the regular season. everybody gets to participate. it does not matter if you lose. you learn in the process. >> neither team could improve their playoff position. cincinnati chose to place starters for much of the game. the ravens nearly won the game in cincinnati. in the first quarter, anthony allen, a first touchdown of his career. we saw a bunch of taylor today. he is swift with the feet. the ravens have the 14-13 lead. now trailing 16-14. taylor does not have much height. dunlop has plenty. that would be the play of the game. the ravens fall 23-17. the ravens will host a playoff game this coming weekend. we know it will be the colts' coming to town. we just do not know when. more coming up in sports.
Dec 13, 2012 6:00am PST
possibility inland maybe isolated around the bay. coolest 38 to 42 this morning. near 50 noon, low to mid 50s#jv mostly sunny sky at 4:00, heavier coat, mid 40s 7:00. frosty inland, upper 40s noon, low to mid 50s, chilled sunshine during the afternoon. chilly 7:00 in the evening. near 40 at the coast at 7:00, near 50 this afternoon. >>> you've been talking about this, real flooding concerns this morning and tomorrow with the peaking of unusually high tides hitting the bay area in a few hours. we go to amy hollyfield live along the embarcadero in san francisco. >> reporter: if you like splashing around in water, head to those low lying spots today you won't be disappointed especially if yesterday is any indication. these are from marin city where there was flooding they saw flooding on bike trails, parking lots up to the doorsteps of some businesses. today is expected to be the peak. king tides happen when the sun and moon align to the gravitational pull brings more water on to the shore. people knew it was happening but still surprised by the amount of water. >> there was flooding, i had no i
Dec 10, 2012 6:00am PST
clouds and sun near 60 at noon. mid 60s around 4:00, grab that coat later on upper 40s to low 50s at 7:00. inland 40 to 47 at 7:00, hanging around 60 at noon low to mid 60s 4:00, 50, cool around 7:00, the coast we are starting with mainly clear conditions, mild at the coast, 52 to 56 this morning upper 50s to near 60 noon high clouds and sun and warm for the coast thanks to a land breeze, low to mid 60s, you will fall back to near 50 mainly clear sky by 7:00. we'll talk about rain in a few minutes for tomorrow and wednesday. first traffic. >>> beginning to bunch up east shore freeway past 580 junction glimmering of headlights is the emergency between 580 and 80 slow there. things ease out a little as you make your way past university into the bay bridge and macarthur maze. here's what it looks like behind toll, minor delays for cash paying folks, no metering lights yet earlier stall incline section that cleared, you may find a little sluggish traffic towards the tunnel. off of the bay bridge 80 westbound skyway at 9th, stall blocking right lane there to the dumbarton bridge westbound a
Dec 7, 2012 6:00am EST
topped out in the mid-40s. today we're going to get upper 40s and low 50s. a little bit milder today. you're really going to notice the change on your saturday. temperatures tomorrow afternoon. low, perhaps even mid-60s, for a lucky few. it's a chilly and kind of a wet friday morning. temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s right now. as you get ready to send the kiddos on out to the bus stops, prepare them for a little light rain. temperatures mid and upper 30s. could be quite chilly indeed. northern frederick county, maryland, out towards frederick county, virginia. winchester and front royal down through interstate 81. temperatures above freezing. can't rule out one or two frozen raindrops. just be careful this morning. we'll be above freezing by 9:00, 10:00 this morning, into the upper 40s and low 50s for a brief time. nothing too bad to complain about. upper 40s north and west to low and mid-50s around town. rainfall amounts will not really add up to too terribly much. that being said, let's see how it's impacting your friday morning roads. danella? >> so far, chuck, it's friday. t
Dec 3, 2012 4:30am PST
the bay low to mid 60s, low to mid 60s inland, no rain, we'll see increasing sunshine as we head through the afternoon, don't go too far away, more rain in the forecast. >>> it is quiet this morning. a little wet as far as leaves and so forth on the surface streets and pooling of water from all that water we had over the weekend. take extra care, very light now. no wind and no significant problems on the roads light through the golden gate bridge, no roadwork, fog-free nice and clear many san jose 87 northbound hp pavillion on left, light out there, folks taking a break from the last couple of mornings that have been treacherous. roadwork eastbound 580 between greenville and north flynn picked up 11:00 this morning in the eastbound direction. earlier car going wrong direction on westbound 80, chp has that store still might be blocking right lane, on the scene. >>> 4:33. residents of a vallejo trailer park are back home after flood waters and mud forced evacuation over the weekend. kira klapper is near the scene with more. >> reporter: good morning. totally different scene here now than i
Dec 5, 2012 6:00pm PST
is winding don. we can see showers before the night is over. temperatures upper 50s to low 60s. narrow range of temperatures. and what we're concerned about now is visibility. it's droppingmsz8 in places because of low clouds and patches of fog. three mile visibility at half moon bay and livermore, two miles in mountain view. fog thickening in areas or should say spreading to areas during late-night hours, look for showers ending and areas of fog developing overnight. subby day as head turning milder, in fact over the weekend. especially on sunday. passage of the frontal system bringing us current wave of dreary weather. high pressure building in behind it. that will be the dominant weather. start agent 7:00 tonight, notice up until midnight, we'll have a few showers breaking out here and there. by 5:00 in the morning beginning rush hour, showers swril ended. some partial clearing by then but we'll have areas of fog and reduced visibility. overnight tonight in addition to fog and partial clearing that will come later low temperatures dropping into upper 40s in parts of the north bay. low 50s
Dec 13, 2012 4:30am PST
too, the reporting stations are at 36 and 37, 39 redwood city and los gatos. low to mid 40s the rest of the bay and coast. this afternoon dry mostly sunny, temperatures in the mid 50s. >>> developing news from southern california. classes will resume at cal-state fullerton this morning after a manhunt put the campus in lock down mode for several hours. officers did not find the suspected robber. the man ran into the business school after a high speed freeway chase 4:00 yesterday around. he was one of five who robbed a pawnshop and jewelry store. police captured three, students barricaded themselves in classrooms until getting the all-clear around midnight. >>> scary moments for a bicyclist who ended up trapped beneath a street sweeper in san francisco 12:30 this morning south of market. firefighters called for special units to pull the cyclist out he is expected to survive. >>> san francisco police have launched a full into one of their own. sergeant could face discipline after stunning video of reckless driving went viral. terry mcsweeney is at the scene. >> reporter: this is where
Dec 27, 2012 4:30am PST
.com. >>> if it does change it won't be because of the rain not today with >> let's check in with mike. >>> low clouds, other than that it is dry. we'll keep an eye on the clouds. let's talk about temperatures waiting for you when you step out 40s this morning. temperatures are not as cool as they could be, thanks to the cloud cover, 40 fairfield and livermorel6.o, 41 concord, 2 napa, 43 san jose, 45has. oakl, 48 san francisco. mostly cloudy, 40s through 7:00. increasing sunshine, low 50s at noon, low to mid 50s through 4:00, then once that sunsets clouds go away, temperatures drop into the low to mid 40s during the evening. you don't need the umbrella vñ just sunglasses.xr tomorrow umbrellas back so is the light rain. low to mid 50s. few showers saturday low 50s, driest day and brightest day and warmest sunday with low to mid 50s. ÷ saturday snow level 4,000 feet, may get snow on mount hamiltonu. >>> bay bridge toll this morning, expecting another light holiday weekday today, typical for this time of the clear. san mateo bridge a few brake lights everything at the limit at the end of the flat sect
Dec 9, 2012 5:30am PST
francisco define under 80 percent of the ami as low income and the enabling legislation creating a low income seat for the market-octavia cac does not provide otherwise. so i think for the sake of consistency we should be applying that standard. i will also note that this seat was held for a number of years by peter cohen, who by his own statement before this committee almost a year ago is not low income. and mr. cohen held the seat for quite some time and when he was not reappointed by the board of supervisors earlier this year 5 members of the board, two of whom are sitting here in this committee today, voted to reappoint him and i don't recall this issue being brought up. so i'm surprised it hear it being brought up today from someone who under san francisco's own definition of low income undisputiblely qualifies as low income. so i do support mr. wolff and colleagues i ask for your support. >> thank you, supervisor wiener. supervisor farrell. >> to both candidates, thank you very much for coming forward. much appreciated. will looks like we'll have a split here. i assoc
Dec 13, 2012 5:30am PST
million. other slides. prepayments to the wholesale customers is cost savings. because of low interest rates. and it's the same story you heard on us selling to low cost bonds. to repayors it's a timely difference of when we receive money. it allows us to smooth out and have lower rate increases over the next five years. on the other hand we won't have interest earnings on the portion no longer outstanding. it's a trade off. but contractually wholesale customers are able and have the right to do this under the contract. before you is the prepayment and collection agreement and the tax certificate. because that's integral on the tax exempt borrowing that bawsca will be doing on the proceeds. the use of proceeds is a commitment that we make in the representation of the tax covenant. it says that we will use these for eligible tax proceeds. we have plenty of items that you approved. and they include our capital project expenditures that are appropriated to large part. and includes the repayment of bonds. by using these proceeds to repay bond service it allows low increases for rate payors
Dec 27, 2012 11:00am PST
, as of right now they've got all they need to rebuild this park this is the low point here at city park in antioch. this is what the to the lot looked like after it burned in september, it was an arson fire some people are in custody. this park was built in 2006 by pg&e volunteers the damage estimate $250,000 the city had insurance a group called tack take antioch set out to rise the 10% deductible or $25,000. >> to the lot replaced. i would like to see the city step up a little, put in a motion activated camera with upgraded lighting see if they can help improve the park. >> originally, when the park was constructed it was pg&e volunteers that helped build the park with community members. when we received information about what happened here, we wanted to be able to come back and help restore it. >> reporter: they raised $8500, pg&e got here and said we'll give you 2,000 more. -- then the assemblyman, next thing voila! that park has all the money it needs to come all the way back. fantastic christmas story mean if it is two days late. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >>> still ahead, presid
Dec 4, 2012 4:30am PST
nothing compared to what we had on the weekend. temperatures 60s low-to-mid. here is tara. >>> we will have a look at highway 24, you can see traffic is flowing well to the caldecott tunnel and in san francisco, your commute looks great in both directions let's head back to the desk. >>> muni will follow, immune any melt down shut down an entire system last night. alex savage has more on what commuters need to know. >> reporter: all subway trains will be running with the exception of the j-church and n- which will have limited service. here at the vanness system, crews worked throughout the night trying to fix the problem. >> they have to fix this right here. it is a blown fuse. >> last night -- >> reporter: last night muni showed them the shut down transformer. they are blaming rain damage for this outage. of course it was a headache for tens of thousands of computers for many -- commuteers. >> we know it is not the outside feed from pg&e. we know the problem is in our hardware that directs the commands to the signals and switches. >> reporter: all subway trains will run a half h
Dec 8, 2012 7:00pm PST
and benson henderson is leaning on nathan trying to take it away. again with the leg kick and low . it was a nice trip . rolling under and good shot to the head by benson. that is the trick that he used a second ago. he looked to trick him there. he used to sweep to get him down. both men with the clinch. joe, nate would like a little distance to get the boxing going. >> he would. that is the same benson when he can land the legs. he is avoiding the distance and nice combee . avoiding the distance and lands his own leg kick. thoyce couple early from henderson may have done dag to nate diaz and paying dividends for the champion. fight californied for five, five minute rounds here on fox. >> his older brother nick in the corner said to nate diaz back him up. john crouch immediately said you know why he's talking. you know why he's talking because you are getting the better of him. use the leg kicks and set it up with your hands first. >> nate would talk even if he was winning . >> the diaz brothers. psychological warfare. fell prey to it >> it is a nice take down by henderson . this
Dec 6, 2012 5:00am PST
at the coast and temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s bright irbe low to mid 60s inland dry -- dry and mild sunshine and clouds and low 60s. >>> nice live shot 80 westbound past golden gate fields, university avenue, into berkeley, you can see traffic is light, headlights towards the macarthur maze no problems westbound leading into the bay bridge toll here's what will find light traffic here as well, no problems with light traffic upper deck cantilever section heading into san francisco everybody at the limit's bound highway 4 closed at loveridge for another 25 minutes detour in place westbound commute is good checked in with mass transit, everybody is up and running on time. >> the latest storms continue to cause trouble across the bay area even though it is not raining now. a portion of highway 1 in sonoma county is closed because of a rock slide it hit between fort ross and meyers grade roads north of jenner debris is gone you can see the damage small section collapse caltrans hopes to have the road open by noon today. >>> small community in the santa cruz mountains is being asked to co
Dec 24, 2012 6:00am PST
's talk about today. partly cloudy, a little breezy at the coast, upper 40s to low 50s, the rest of us brief break from the rain mid 50s today, rain comes back tomorrow that quickly. >> keeping an eye on your christmas eve morning commute across the board light out there, let's get you starred with this live look at 80 in berkeley, more cars on the road now than we've seen throughout the morning, certainly no stopping, no traffic, moving on to the golden gate bridge, thisly picture water droplets on the camera all morning, not raining per se out there and there are so few cars on the road as long as everyone takes their time and moves along, [ inaudible ] >>> this morning, good news and worrisome news along the creek that divides palo alto and east palo alto. good news is the water level has dropped significantly from yesterday's peak this is a live look at the creek from the palo alto side. last night, that creek was much higher as it drained storm runoff from the san mateo county highlands to the san francisco bay. the worrisome news is the swift water may have caused damage to the l
Dec 7, 2012 4:30am PST
degrees reported for antioch. your forecasted highs low 60. 63 for santa rosa. low 60s oakland. low 50s upper 60s for antioch. down into the south bay checking in for 63 for san jose. 63 and mostly sunny skies. there is your extended forecast slightly warmer today. warmer for tomorrow. sunday looks to be the warmest day of the weekend. then as we get back to work on monday we remain with the mild weather. we will be warming up later on this morning. i'll show you your day planner coming up. >>> highway 1 in sonoma county could reopen by noon today. the stretch of highway was closed down after wednesday's storm washed away part of the roadway there. crews have been working to stabilize the hillside. detours will be in place until the work is complete. >>> 4:38 is the time right now. new information about the killing of a bicyclist in berkeley. the confrontation she may have been involved in moments before that attack. >>> more drama for john mcafee the health scare that caused him to be rushed to a hospital in guatemala. >>> here's a look at the san mateo bridge traffic flowing nicely. w
Dec 16, 2012 4:00am PST
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Dec 18, 2012 11:00pm PST
:00 a.m. for the north bay hills and valleys. the low temperatures will drop between 25 and 30 degrees. freeze damage is a possibility. for most of the remainder of the bay area, a frost advisory is in affect for the same hours 3:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. after the cold comes the wet. we have lots of rain coming our way. i will show you that in the seven-day forecast. carolyn? >> spencer, thank you. in the south bay, an all clear from police after a report of a gunman lead to a college campus lock down for several hours in san jose. it happened at san jose city college. abc7 news reporter john alston is there live with the latest for us. john? >> carolyn, that all clear came at 7:45. no shots were fired. no gunman was found. for about four hours, no one was quite sure. heavily-armed officers from san jose city college and the city police department swarmed over the campus where hundreds of students were in the middle of their exienl exams. their final exams. the officers searched all five floors of the technology building. >> the scarest part of the evening was when the police came in with
Dec 26, 2012 4:30am PST
be at 3 to 4%, it is only at .7. hurricane sandy taking some of the blame for the low sales. also, the possibility of the fiscal cliff, some think americans are feeling skittish. retailers hope shoppers will come out today to help push numbers up, help their bottom line as they close out this holiday season. the stores are opening here in san mateo and all over the bay area, old navy opening at 5:00 this morning. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >>> storm watch coverage, all of this rain has caused flooding in some areas. sonoma county, road closures last night. highway 12 and 121 in shellville remains closed for now south of sonoma, it is expected to reopen sometime today. tomas roman shows the difficult driving conditions throughout the bay area. >> reporter:f+tñc this is too common a sight for many here. highway 120 with one and highway 12 floods after heavy rain then becomes a river when high tide occurs. rain was heavy throughout the bay area in american canyon highway 12 and red top roads streets became flooded after 5 p.m.. umbrellas were necessary. rain poured down on mcdonald
Dec 11, 2012 4:30am PST
but it is packing a lot of cold air behind it and we will have 50s and some low 60s. here is sal. >>> we had some road work on the babe gabe and that -- golden gate bridge and that road work will be reducing speeds. that traffic between walnut creek and oakland is doing nicely and if you are driving along 101 to san francisco, it is a nice drive. let's go back to the desk. >>> we begin with breaking news from hayward. right now crews are battling an apartment fire. we have a news crew on the way to the scene and we have an apartment fire in hayward. >>> meanwhile an investigation is on the way into an overnight store. there was another fire at the same location just months ago. allie rasmus has more about what we learned about the latest fire, allie? >> reporter: they responded to this fire and they were very familiar with the building and it was actually the second time they put out the same fire in the same spot in the past four months. the fire that burned used to be an appliance shop and they were called about a structure fire there again. fire engulfed the building and it was just a one-alar
Dec 22, 2012 6:00pm EST
range. that is helping a bit. wind chills are in the 20s and low 30s. prepare for a cold saturday evening. what about tomorrow and christmas week? that's coming up. jim? >> all right. chuck. >>> the holiday travel rush well under way tonight. the wind made it challenging for planes heading in and out of the area airports. there were some sporadic delays at dulles and reagan earlier today. dull et cete dulles had delays of an hour. both airports say everything is moving tonight. it's always a good idea to check with your carrier before you head to the airport. and the roads, well, let's talk about amtrak first. trains are crowded but there are no significant delays going in and out of union station. the rail service is adding cars to many of their trains but they don't plan to add any additional service in and out of washington for the christmas holiday. now to the roads. packed with holiday travelers. look at. this a live look at i-95 at dumfries road. just a sea of cars heading away from washington tonight. 93 million americans are expected to hit the road for the holidays. so yo
Dec 22, 2012 11:00pm EST
the temperatures are plummeting, back down into the low and mid-30s right now. luckily the wind gust map is considerably tamer than it was earlier. winds gusting at 15 to 20 miles per hour but that means windchil windchills back down into the low 20s so it will be a cold start to your sunday. a very busy upcoming christmas week weatherwise. we'll give you the seven-day coming up. >>> a lot of people spent this cold, windy saturday at the mall. we're going to show you the scene at westfield, montgomery, ball in bethesda. long lines, a lot of traffic and very few parking spaces. thankfully there was some help on hand to keep things moving smoothly, complete with some dance moves as well as a good sense of humor there and time is running out for all you procrastinators out there. but a lot of stores have extended hours over the next few days. some are even staying open around the clock until christmas eve. darcy spencer is live tonight at tyson's corner where there are still some people shopping at this hour, two minutes after 11:00, darcy. >> reporter: that's right. this assignment wasn't
FOX Business
Dec 27, 2012 4:00pm EST
in if the dow, number two loser in the dow and then moved back and came up off the lows. so it shows you the financials really drive the market one way or another. you really get a good feel. david: bank of america is up over 100% this year even with today's loss. it has incredible turnaround. [closing bell ringing] shibani: the bells are ringing on wall street. it was a roller coaster ride of a day. let's take a look at how stocks are finishing up. it's well on the fence here as to where we're going to close. the dow is lower right now. down about 20 points. the s&p 500 down just about 2 points. nasdaq also eking out a loss, 4.2 points and then the russell also ending the day in the red. david: it was just positive, the dow just moments ago, but it is the turnaround, 150 points since the story. also a trading day for oil, big rally in yesterday's session where it went up to $91 a barrel. crude was unable to hold on to the gains ending lower on fears of no deals in d.c. all of that late breaking news didn't really affect where oil closed. you see a little positive jump there right now. t
Dec 18, 2012 5:00am PST
and i show you the temperature shave five or six degrees off and that's what it feels like outside, low to mid 40s for the better part of the morning hours going to feel like mainly upper 30s everywhere that's how you should dress showers along the coast at noon most of us in mid to upper 40s more sun this afternoon, cooler than yesterday, upper 40s to low 50s at 4:00, dropping to the low to mid 40s, clearing sky 7:00, widespread frost tomorrow morning except for the beaches then low to mid 50s rain returns thursday more of us will get rain as we head into thursday night into friday we'll have wind also. >>> good looking ride this morning. we don't have major problems san mateo bridge tail lights towards foster city from clawiter and industrial westbound towards fashion island area and san mateo no delays. eastbound looking good towards hayward. napa silverado trail car vs. guardrail out of lanes. highway 9 loss guy tess that accident cleared. -- los gatos that accident cleared. north 101 from 92 to san francisco, 680 walnut creek to the dublin pleasanton interchange and 880 to 237, les
Dec 27, 2012 5:00am PST
to be a bright day hovering in most areas in the low to mid 50s, more rain on the way. details coming up. >>> back to the bay bridge toll no problems, very light, a few headlights towards the toll and incline and upper deck no problems. san mateo bridge same thing, a few cars headed both directions between peninsula and east bay, everything at the limit, no problems with stalls or accidents. west 80 at richmond parkway blocking left lane and east 580 at macarthur boulevard oakland area blocking right lane. >>> police on the pins -- on the peninsula caught a thief stealing credit cards from the mail before they were delivered. terry mcsweeney has more. >> reporter: this guy delivered mail for the u.s. postal service in san mateo county, a lot of mail never got to the mailboxes where they were suppose go the person accused is 38-year-old row people -- romeo natan of san bruno. prosecutors say he's a first class felon, stole 3,000 pieces of mail information from that mail for credit cards, got 'em then went shopping. >> you and i as victims may not know there was a credit card envelope take
Dec 31, 2012 5:00am PST
in the 40s. in the afternoon hours high clouds and sunshine around the bay andlkkoz inland low to mid s maybe a few more clouds near the coast upper 40s and low >>> we start off with your masslxbÑ transit. good news there, first muni is on a saturday schedule. muni is going to be free from 8 tonight until 6 a.m.. bart also extended, caltrain free after=:i:t 11 p.m. until 25 in the morning. to 101 in marin, light traffic excuse me san rafael, light traffic there nothing to speak of, same south to san jose, highway 87 this morning again, very light as maybe people are taking today off. san jose not back home after heartbreaking deadly fire over the weekend. investigators are still searching for the cause. sue thompson is live at the scene. >> reporter: tough weekend out here san jose family will spend this new year's eve planning three funerals, two for grandparents and that third for their 4-year-old grand daughter that perished in a fire over the weekend. -- that blaze tore through an apartment complex at 3700 saturday. the flames so fierce and hot that it trapped and killed the 4-yea
Dec 29, 2012 11:00pm EST
. we'll have the windchill values in the teens and low 20s tonight and even tomorrow with the actual temperatures in the upper 30s with sunshine and that is going to feel like upper 20s and low 30s tomorrow. with the wind continuing and celebrating quieter and cloud cover and some cloud cover out there. the area of low pressure that brought up the light snow and rain early today and that is still pushing to the north and west and that is out of here. in fact, intensifying as it pushes north and east. they're getting heavier snow up in new england than around here early today. the accuweather seven-day forecast, 39 tomorrow and with breezy conditions expected, cold tomorrow night for the redskins game. temperatures falling through the low 30s. monday looks fine, partly sunny, 40, and clouding up monday night for your new year's eve celebrations and should be dry. highs about 40. that is it for weather. maureen, back to you. >> thank you, tucker. >>> that is it for us tonight. fox 5 news always on keep it here, though, sports extra is two minutes away. have a great nig
Dec 29, 2012 6:30am PST
. underwater, less than 720 credit score or no down payment are wondering how long the rates will stay low and whether these affordable prices will last. carmen and jack are back with me and with, a real estate website based in seattle. paul from california send an e-mail, "i have enough money in my emergency fund right now to put a down tamt on a house with interest rates where they are does it make any sense to buy or to stay renting" what do you think paul should do? >> he shouldn't deplete his emergency fund. the good news, while home values are increasing in a lot of places, in most places they're only increasing by 2% or 3% over the next year, what economists are predicting. places like phoenix are the outlayer right now. he has time with the low prices. we also expect really low mortgage rates to stick around for at least the next year. so you've got to have an emergency fund, because if somebody loses a job, if something changes in your financial situation, buying a home is a big commitment, and you've got to be able to continue paying that mortgage. so have your emergenc
Dec 26, 2012 6:00am PST
. scattered showers today, low to mid 50s. >>> good morning. past golden gate fields and university avenue, berkeley into emeryville, getting a little busy 80 westbound still moving nicely into the macarthur maze. no delays at the bay bridge toll, wet on the golden gate bridge this morning and light traffic conditions. down three lanes in the southbound direction, two north light week this week traffic wise between christmas sonoma flooding 121, 12 closed at 8th in shellville area due to road being closed and flooded. terry mcsweeney will have an update in a bit. south 101 washington petaluma clearing stages of that accident could be cleared by now. north 680 at mckey, accident in san jose, first reports east al 0 at eden canyon of an accident. -- >>> you just said it, at 121 and 12 still impassable. terry mcsweeney is there with more on when the intersection might reopen. >> reporter: the best i can give you is sometime today. folks here did not get what they wanted for christmas, a new road. every time they have heavy downpours and high tide this is what happens here at 12 and 121. pictu
Dec 3, 2012 12:30am PST
, and limited the scope to allow for free muni for low income youth. and some of the people that had objected to the original proposal, my understanding, had indicated that they would support something that wasn't for all youth but for low income youth. the caveat that the mta board of director provided in the resolution they passed was that it was predicated on the pilot actually receiving funding from the region. so that it wasn't just muni funding the pilot, but that in fact the region could support it. we went to the mtc and there were actually two votes taken. because it allocated money from a specific source. and then at the request of one of the individuals who actually voted against the funding of the pilot, there was a new funding source that was found by the mtc staff. that's what's before you today. the resolution that the mta board of directors passed approving a free muni for low income youth did not specify what funding source the money came from. it left that question open. but in terms of the funding that we're talking about, we have to make clear that the mtc provided in the
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